Education of children in underserved communities in Ghana is undermined by the following factors:

  • Lack of school infrastructure
  • Inadequate numbers of teachers
  • Weak community involvement
  • Lack of teaching and learning materials
  • Unhealthy water, sanitation, and hygiene practices

Help us take action

AG Care’s Education Programme (AGCEP) in Ghana has significantly invested in basic education in five targeted areas; school environment, teaching and learning materials (TLMs), teacher capacity, school management and community participation. These areas reflect AG Care’s commitment to improve learner performance in basic schools in rural Ghana.

Our Projects

Building Classrooms

In collaboration with partner-organisations, we address the issue of inadequate classrooms.

Training Teachers

We organise practical workshops for teachers, raising the bar of quality education.

Providing Supplies

We address material challenges by distributing desks, books and improving water, sanitation and hygiene facilities.

Engaging Authorities

For local authorities and parents, we organise meetings and workshops on effective school management.

We cannot do this work without our partners, without you.

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